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Upcoming Events

  • Upcoming Events
    Upcoming Events
    June 09, 2014

    DewMore is in the midst of our 2015 schedule and we're on pace for another record-setting year. For more information on DewMore and our events, please visit our Facebook Page.  Below is a list of our upcoming summer events. 

    11/21 - Champions Event at Cincinnati Children's Hospital
    11/26 - Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive (All Markets)
    12/3 - Tender Mercies Lunch & Bingo (Cincinnati)
    12/6 - Hosea House Lunch (Cincinnati)
    12/18 - Holiday Toy Drive (All Markets)

    If you have an idea for a DewMore partnership we'd love to hear it.  Please contact Kevin Dern at or call (513) 362-1234.  We look forward to hearing from you.  If you are requesting a donation for an event or school fundraiser please complete the appropriate form on this page.