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Upcoming Events

  • Upcoming Events
    Upcoming Events
    June 09, 2014

    DewMore has already completed more than 80 events this year, and we're still updating our schedule for the summer and fall! Please take a look at our upcoming events.  For more information on DewMore and our events, please visit our Facebook Page.  We will be updating this page periodically so please check back for additional events added to the calendar.

    Sep 17 - Bluegrass for Babies (Cincinnati)
    Sep 18 - Austin Landing Pizza School (Dayton)
    Sep 26 - DewMore Monday (All Markets)
    Sep 28 - Cincinnati Slice Night (Cincinnati)
    Oct 2 - Anderson Pizza School (Cincinnati)
    Oct 2 - Webster Groves Pizza School (St. Louis)
    Oct 6 - ZooBrew (Cincinnati)
    Oct 11 - Dough-Toss Demo at Children's Hospital (Cincinnati)
    Oct 21 - Nauti Night at Newport Aquarium (Cincinnati)
    Oct 23 - Kirkwood Pizza School (St. Louis)
    Oct 23 - Worthington Pizza School (Columbus)
    Oct 24 - Campus Kitchen Project (St. Louis)
    Oct 24 - DewMore Monday (All Markets)
    Oct 30 - Kenwood Pizza School (Cincinnati)
    Nov 6 - Clifton Pizza School (Cincinnati)
    Nov 6 - Edwardsville Pizza School (Edwardsville)
    Nov 13 - Ellisville Pizza School (St. Louis)
    Nov 13 - Harrison Greene Pizza School (Cincinnati)
    Nov 23 - Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive (All Markets)
    Nov 28 - DewMore Monday (All Markets)

    If you have an idea for a DewMore partnership we'd love to hear it.  Please contact Kevin Dern at or call (513) 362-1234.  We look forward to hearing from you.  If you are requesting a donation for an event or school fundraiser please complete the appropriate form on this page.